Neil Hammond



Re: Southwest Mechanical Services

The home I purchased in San Antonio in February 2011 was old and had no heating or air conditioning system of any kind. I had a clean slate to work with, but the choices and prices of systems and contractors was daunting. My research led me to believe a geo-thermal ground-source heat pump system offered the best long-term value, and that decision led me to Southwest Mechanical.

As with any large project, obstacles were encountered, and S.W. Mechanical dealt with them all. In the end, I received all the permits and blessings from the City of San Antonio, and I have an extremely efficient and economical system. It has given me no problems in two years of operation, and I amaze everyone with how low my utility bills are. Periodic maintenance is minimal, and the S.W. Mechanical techs are knowledgeable, clean, and fast.

I highly recommend Waterfurnace as a product and S.W. Mechanical as a contractor.


Neil Hammond

San Antonio, TX