Dan Koontz


In March of 2012, Southwest Mechanical Services installed a Waterfurnace Envision System. The house is approximately 5800 square feet.  In addition a 1400 square foot garage is heated and cooled to provide reasonable comfort levels. We maintain 72 degrees for heating and 77 degrees for cooling. The three zone Intellizone duct system works well.

The Waterfurnace system replaced an existing geothermal system by another manufacturer. We have charted our kWh use for the Waterfurnace and compared to the previous system and have calculated our savings is 40% With the Envision system.

 Even though Southwest Mechanical Services is more than 100 Miles from our location, we continue to deal with them because of a high level of service. Charlie Lonsberry’s product knowledge enables him to maximize the comfort level of this system.

 We are Satisfied with the product.

Regards, Dan Koontz

Barksdale Texas