Capt. Luis Reyes


Capt. Luis Antonio Reyes


In the year 2000 we moved into our energy efficient home which was built with a double insulated three wall masonry block, we were under the impression that we had a very energy efficient house (approximately 4,000 square feet with an average monthly electric bill of about $400.00 and an average annual propane bill of $2000.00) 11 years later we proceeded to complete a solar array project on our property and we are now 100% solar which has converted us to a much  more conscientious home owner regarding our energy consumption.

We realized that we had little surplus of energy being generated and that a lot of energy was being wasted by our inefficient appliances. We then proceeded to make changes, we switched our propane water heaters to an instant water heater as well as our clothes dryer to a high efficiency gas dryer.

This was not enough, after extensive research we realized that most of our electric and propane gas was utilized by our air conditioning systems. Toward the end of 2011 we started to obtain quotes to update the equipment.

It was then we I heard that Southwest Mechanical Services had installed the AC system on our Children’s Christian School, after investigating their references, reading the specs and warranties on the Waterfurnace geothermal system; we decided to award the contract to them based mostly on the apparent professionalism of their Manager Charlie Lonsberry.

Charlie went beyond the call of duty throughout the entire process; to begin with he ordered a HVAC manual j load and suggested that we needed 6.5 tons of capacity to handle our needs. He also suggested that if we were to spray insulating foam in our attic the load requirements would be lowered to 5 tons instead of the 8 tons of our old system. He also found that our duct system was very inefficient and suggested to redesign a brand new one. He advised that it would be an added value to add the desuperheater to the system quoted. Charlie never wanted to rush the job and explained that a new version of the system (5 Series) would come out soon and suggested that it was worth the wait of a couple of months, without a doubt we proceeded with all of his suggestions. His vast experience and cooperation on obtaining all necessary documents needed to submit an application for a few rebates available through our power company made this project a possibility for us.

We have had our system for a little over a year which consists of two units installed in the attic, which cannot be heard at all, 6 zones controlled by smart thermostats which is control each individual zone. In the summer the house is kept at 73 degrees and in the winter we keep it at 76. With the previous system we would have emptied our 1000 gal propane tank in no time.

 We now have a much better system and the amazing fact is that Mother Earth is providing the thermal energy which in turn allows us the comfort at a reasonable cost. We are a net zero home but now with the comfort of constant temperature throughout the year, the energy saved by the Waterfurnace geothermal system is being to a better use and charges our electric car (approx. $4000.00 savings per year); our current expense on propane is $500.00 per year. After considering the 30%federal tax credit, pwer rebates and a fair quote by Southwest Mechanical Services our final cost ended up being 20% lower than the original geothermal quote by another vendor, and theirs did not include any of the upgrades previously mentioned.

 The experience during the installation was the most pleasant ever. Charlie manages his team extremely well and everyone is courteous, polite and very attentive to all our needs and concerns. It really lifted my spirit to know that there are still people that care to complete a project within budget and in a very professional manner. Our appreciation and thanks to Charlie and his entire team of Professionals at Southwest Mechanical Services.


Best Regards,   Capt. Luis Reyes